Extreme Noise Terror-Punker than punk 7"

We got election for new government today: Blue neoliberals vs green neoliberals and the communist party comes third and exhausted. A bunch of socialistic, patriotic,etc parties follow.. People blindly vote in the great celebration of democracy free economy and free market, making you wanna vomit, i feel sick today and its now the beers i drunk last night the reason why ...
Anyway, back to posting now: Punked than punk from ENT is a collage of different recordings collected together in 7 inches, this was found on Buck's State Control blog sometime ago. This is a bootleg collection of cover songs coming from different recordings,Tributes, Peel sessions etc. ENT present here their versions on Sham 69, The Killjoys, Cockney Rejects and Discharge tracks

1. Borstal breakout (Sham 69)
2. Johnny won't get to heaven (The Killjoys)
3. You take part in creating this system (Discharge)
4. I'm a bloody fool (Cockney Rejects)
5. No TV sketch (Discharge)
6. Religion instigates (Discharge)

ps:There are two download links here:Fist is Buck's link and second is my upload. Use this in case of limited slots for your country, both links contain exactly the same stuff..

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Pogel said...

"Borstal" and "Johnny" are also on the "Punk's Not Dread" LP.