V/A-Na eller aldri 7"

Despite the neighbor of Sweden scene, Norway's band had their own personality that differs from Swedish hardcore of 80's, at least that's what it sounds to my ears..). Na eller aldri is is an old 7" compilation including some legendary bands of Norwegian punk scene of early 80's: Kafka Prosess,(my fav Norweigian band), Angor Watt, Bannlyst, Siste Dagers Helvete, Landssvik, Psykisk Terror and Akutt Inleggelse contribute raging hardcore full of anger. This was released by X-Port Plater back in 1984. X-Port Plater is the label behind some great Noerweigian punk records of '80's such as Svart Framtid's legendary eponymous ep (1984), Barn Av Regnbuen's Det E'kje Nåkka Artig Længer (1984), Bannlyst's La Dem Ikke Lure Deg 7"(1985), So Much Hate's st lp (1987), Life But How To Live It's st lp (1989) and others.
The record came in fold out cover and included lyrics (and a translation in English). This a kind contribution of Chris Crustcracker, a big thanks dude!Fold out scans are blatantly stolen from Kjelli's amazing Norwegian's Punk And Hardcore blog
02-Psykisk Terror-Uskyldige barn
03-Kafka Prosess-Hun lever ikke lenger
04-Siste Dagers Helvete-Hvorfor
05-Angor Wat-Bomba eller mat
07-Akutt Inleggelse-Hagen jugend


RATOSECO said...

Holyshit!Psykisk Terror is fucking good! Need more of them.
Great post! cheers.

azcrustie said...

all of them are good - excellent in fact. i so wish a a had a (mint, mind you) copy of this... anyhow, you forgot to mention that akutt inleggelse are connected to turbonegro, hahaha!...

Kjelli said...

Thomas Selzer later went on to TRBNGR

Kjelli said...

Psykisk Terror did never release anything on their own. They had two tracks on the smelling another bad breath lp (Double A) on several compilation tapes. Closely connected to Bannlyst with guitarist Børre played in both bands at one time. Finn-Erik (Voc Bannlyst) played drums in P.T at one point.

Martin said...

Oh my fuck. I'd been listening to Desperat and a friend recommend this. This shit fucking kills!! I wish I could put this on and mosh with a bunch of drunk punks!