His Hero Is Gone-The dead of the night in eight movements

And after the funeral doom of Sloth and Corrupted, we are back to raging crust with some guys from Memphis, Tennessee, who were later the core of Tragedy and also connected with a bunch of great bands: Copout, Man With Guns Lives Here, Face Down, Deathreat, Call The Police, Dimlaia, Warcry and others. The 'Dead of the night in eight movements' was released on Prank in 1996 and were pressed seven times (1000 each on coloured vinyl, first press only 500 copies on red) and a sheet with infos was included. There is nothing more to say..
01. Epidemic
02. headcount
03. T-minus zero
04. Unvisited grave
05. Internally bleeding
06. Richter
07. Mary and reproduce
08. The end result of 11 months in prison

Dowload link was removed because of complain of Prank Records,check the discussion in comments


Anonymous said...

yes! thanks i have been looking for hero is gone for a while now. are you going to link my blog or not? i would really like that because your blog is one of my favorites.

Papst Benedikt XVI said...

there is something more to say: they were one of the best live bands I ever saw! AMEN

7inchcrust said...

listen dude, don't push things out, what it means "are you going to link my blog or not?" whats the problem if i add you tomorrow and not today? i m gonna add someone's blog just because i appreciate the blog and not just because i ve been asked . i didn't check your blog yet cause i had not time,ok? i just took a look right now and let you know this,i have no problem with blogs using others links but i dont like posts like this Anarchist Cook Book Collections,ok? (if only i m right about what these books are about, according to your warning...) and thats not just because i m peace punk or its against my ideals:even ideas can be persecuted today, ok? so take care,
Anyway i added you, feel free to use my links and thanks for adding me too
Hi papst, Catharsis 7" and demo rullzzz

Papst Benedikt XVI said...

CATHARSIS/GEHENNA split, CATHARSIS/NEWSPEAK split and the passion 12" will follow in the near future! I´ve never seen a band playing live with so much intensity with one exception!

Anonymous said...

Thank you a lot. sorry if i seemed kind of pushy. i just thought you were never going to respond to me. i understand what you mean about the anarchist cookbook, a lot of really stupid "anarchists" do dumb things with this book. Most of the books have a lot of things about chemistry in them which is a topic that has always fascinated me. Some of it is very interesting and so i do agree is dumb. plus i mean we all have our differences. Ok keep up the excellent work!

STiG(NZ) said...

OMG... You have to post the Catharsis 7" and Demo, I thought I was the only one into this amazing band... I have "Samsara", "Passion" and "Arsonists Prayer" on vinyl but only shitty tape copies of the 7"... Please post this stuff :) Oh, cool Blog as always. Have you got the 2 Talk Is Poison ep's? I might post them in the next day or two.

7inchcrust said...

no stig i havent got any Talk Is Poison, go for it! :) i just want to post Meaningful consolidation double ep(if you got it tell and i won't post it) but i m a bit lazy and summer is too hot here and makes things worse.
i wish i had this stuff from Catharsis, the 7 inch and the demo are already posted on Am i Evil blog, there are some incredible records there. There is a band named Requiem including members of Catharsis and Black the Skies, their Storm heaven
cd is awesome
i haven't checked the last posts of Mad Blasts of Chaos yet but seem to be cool once again

7inchcrust said...

i mean its the Am i Mean? blog of Papst Benedikt XVI where you can find Catharsis demo and ep... :)

Papst Benedikt XVI said...

ähm, seems like I´m getting old I meant catharsis/newborn split! the newspeak split was the south-america version of the arsonists prayer! AMEN

Anonymous said...

THese are still available from a DIY underground label for $5 PPD. I've sold 1,000's of these, sure, but the profit from the old titles means I can put money back into new recordings like Signal Lost, Crow, Acursed, Etc...new records generally either lose money or break even.... Cool if you've bought the record already and need it for your ipod, but if You check out this record and like it and are "keeping It' on your player, please send $5.50 ( US) / $6.50 ( Canada) / $8 (europe) by Pay pal to prankrec AT mindspring DOT com and I'll even send you a nifty colored vinyl version of it!! Thanks for the support!


Anonymous said...

oh and all the Talk Is Poison 45's were professionally re-mastered recently onto a 12" EP that is currently available on Green vinyl. This sounds better than ever on 12", and there's ordering details on my site. The green Vinyl is almost gone...

Anonymous said...

Actually that this was posted without any mention or attempt to link to help support the still active, still easily contactable label has kind of angered me. It's a pretty lousy way to honor somthing you profess to "support".

You did not pay to make this record, have anything to do with the work involved in making, promoting and organizing it or the writing of the music, the touring that made it popular and work to make the band work, so you have ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT to publish, promote or distribute content PRANK and HIS HERO IS GONE owns. I'd appreciate you contacting me directly so we can work it out or I'll need to contact Blogger about my IPR rights and go from there.

Thanks. I hate being the bad guy here, but if i want to keep making punk records for people to listen to then I have to protect myself and the artists I work with. I really want to keep making records, I've made great records this year and have more awesome ones on the way but it so much tougher and more brutal than ever because no one wants to pay for anything. So much so that I've considered closing the label a lot in the past year. anyway, get in touch.

Cheers, Ken / prank

7inchcrust said...

Hi Ken
No you are not the bad guy here, i know what you mean, i have already deleted the link. If this is not enough just tell me. Sorry for this, i didnt know this is still available, i made a google search,, i found nothing so i posted,thats all.
i m really sorry for this :(

7inchcrust said...

and sorry for no mentioning the label's link. the only reason for this is that Prank is known widely well enough (Avskum's crucified by the system is in my last order from distro and Artimus Pyle-Fucked from birth will be in my next order)and easily contactable and since i (mistaken) thought the record wasn't available there was no thought in my mind about mentioning it..
sorry for making you angry, if you want i will contact directly with you..

Lo Spettro Di Se Stesso said...

How am I supposed to buy something that I cannot actually hear a single sample of it? I would have personally stopped that at: if you check out this record and like it and are "keeping It' on your player, please send $5.50 ( US) / $6.50 ( Canada) / $8 (europe) by Pay pal to prankrec AT mindspring DOT com and I'll even send you a nifty colored vinyl version of it!
But all the luck with your day job mate...

7inchcrust said...

sorry but no Prank record mp3 here until i get a mail response from Ken.
its up to him if there will be any HHIG sample mp3 here...
hope you understand..

Steve said...

I can see where people are coming from in regards to the His Hero is Gone mp3s being posted, but I'm conflicted about this particular issue. I barely have money to eat, let alone buy records anymore. I should stop being an avid fan of punk rock, just because I don't have the money to purchase albums? Should your financial status really be a prerequisite to be involved with something that purports to be anti-consumerism? Aside from that, couldn't it easily be argued that collecting punk rock records is just as much a form of mindless consumerism as anything else? Oh wait, I forgot... despite their anarchist political rhetoric, most crust punk types are middle-class kids with money to burn.

Ian EBH said...

Steve: you're an idiot. If people stopped supporting punk bands by buying their records, there wouldn't be any more records to buy. Sure, I can't really argue with the snide little remark about crust punks being mostly middle class kids with money to burn (as I'm NOT crust and NOT middle class, I understand), but that doesn't make your argument valid. I work all the time in a dead end blue collar job supporting not just myself, but my wife and son, so I know how hard it can be to make ends meet, but I would never say that gives me the right to steal from the underground. Whether you're an anarchist or not (as I stated before, I'm FAR FROM being an anarchist), if you listen to punk rock and you don't see the argument Ken is trying to make, you're obviously missing the fucking point.

It's not even just about Prank. I don't like a lot of the Prank Records stuff (it's cool, Ken, you gave me a bad review, too), but the stuff they put out that I do like, I budget my money so I can buy. DIY labels will be going our of business if people don't stop thinking they're the exception and it's OK if they download becuase they're just one person. I know from putting out my own records just a few hundred at a time, it fucking sucks when everybody expects it for free. $4 for a 7" isn't a big deal, but losing $1,000 putting out a 7" that people actually like, just don't want to buy, will break the underground one label at a time.

Steve said...

I've spent tens of thousands of dollars on music in the last ten years while working minimum wage($5.15 an hour), and I went out of my way to buy from independent sources. I'm not going to stop following music just because I can't afford to pay for it anymore. Should I cancel my internet service, and use the money to buy a paltry FOUR albums a month? Like I said in my original post, I can understand where either side is coming from on this issue. It's one of those rare arguments where BOTH sides are kind of right. On one hand, it's great to support the underground scene and help the label owners put out more records. On the other, it's elitist to say that music can only be available to those who have the money to purchase it... especially when you're dealing with political punk rock.

steve said...

People who can afford to pay for the music will, in most cases. Downloading isn't going to stop the core audience from buying records. Most people who are really into underground music would prefer to have the inserts/booklets and the album at full-quality sound. I know I would. MP3 sound comes nowhere close to vinyl, and most MP3 rips of 7" records sound like shit.

crustcracker said...

what can i say!im 35 yrs old and i spend much money in my life to buy records and its not so easy i need to have 2 or 3 jobs to buy all the records i want so i think for me and every one who love crust punk music mp3s are ok because then you can make your choice about what you want to buy and have originally in your collection

Ian EBH said...

Maybe I jumped the gun. I didn't mean to come across as such an asshole, and part of what I said should have been directed at Lo Spettro Di Se Stesso. I just know how frustrating it is to be in his situation. Sorry if I was rude, I just side with him 100%

annie's animal said...

i agree 98% with steve.
To collect is consumerism.
We will take all the records we bought the previous years in our graves when we will die?
The Independent or alternative labels are not the vanguard against capitalism and the music industry
The bands must create collectives and present their work at the internet and cd (which costs almost nothing. 2-3 euros at least.)

RATOSECO said...

Blogs also work like propaganda, if people like to buy records they wont be satisfied to have it on mp3, they will buy the records. But is true that the vynil was threat by the CD and survived, now the CD and vynil are threat by the free mp3.
By the way check it out my blog:

steve said...

Ian - No problem. I was being confrontational and snide myself.

honza said...

I love Prank records, own most of the back catalogue either on cd or vinyl, but I think that now we are so far down the road of file sharing and downloading music that this debate is basically irrelevant. What I found most interesting here is comments by annies animal.
More plastic jewel cases, shiny discs and glossy paper destined for the landfill ? Look up the toxicity in the manufacturing of vinyl and, you'll never look at a record the same way again . " To collect is consumerism " ... and environmental poison and wastefulness. Gasmasks and barren landscapes.

PRANKREC said...

Thing is with this, re-visiting this- and it was a debate I was glad to start. I have no problem putting up a sample tracks, even half the record, but I don't think music is a "RIGHT" for people like air or water. In a perfect word the band members of Tragedy / HHIG would be able to live off their music and hard work. The punk scene would celebrate their success and be glad to support them. I don;t even understand why that's an issue, things are done the right way, with low prices and good ethics. I can't buy all the records I want either, I often personally have to figure out weird trades ( of thrift store reggae records or whatever) to get what I need, but I don't feel I'm owed or entitled to entertainment. Of course people identify with punk and see it as a broader socio-politcal movement, I'm with you...but eroding the means of support for bands and labels in a music scene is not the way to make it go further.... People will always copy records for their friends, no worries, but a worldwide blog broaden your circle of friends into the hundreds, it's different...Thanks to everyone who has picked up one of prank's releases, I could not do what I do without your support.

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JeromesDreamIsDead said...

I'm a little late to the party but I love his hero is gone and was thinking about buying this (though i dont even think its available anymore, as far as i can see, if it is its WAY too hard to find via google etc) but the fact that I can't hear it first and see if its something that I like as much as their other releases that I BOUGHT makes me not want to buy it. If i download something and its something I enjoy, I will always support the band, whether it be buying a copy of the album or merchandise like a t-shirt. These comments though make me not want to buy from Prank...ALL the records i've bought in the last couple of years have been downloaded off blogs like this one first. Bands that allow you to download their stuff from bandcamp or the likes are the ones who get it. The bottom line is, this isn't His Hero is Gone asking us to not download this, it's the record label. Shouldn't it be up to the band what they want to do with their music? I love getting a record of a band I enjoy and having the actual packaging, lyrics, so on, but I don't buy records without hearing them first, I haven't done that since like 2001, before the internet was what it is, when I learned my lesson by purchasing awful, awful "metal" albums from the mall.