Deformed-Sacrifice!! 7"

Deformed were a crust band from Lowton UK, formed in 1978, released two 7"s and offered tracks in many compilations including Bullshit Detector 2. A 2cd discography (the anarchy years and primitive rituals) was released much later by the polish label NIct Nic Nie Wie (still available, check band's myspace). When Deformed disbanded, the core of band formed Cress
Sacrifice!! ep was released in 1983 on blood red vinyl by the obscure Boston Tea Party label from Danmark. Slow and midpaced stuff in the vein of Amebix ep's: Bad played metal influenced guitar riffs and vocals sounding like the Baron. There is a dark wave touch behind the primitive crust and unexpectedly the production is good. Music, lyrics and cover/insert artworks create aesthetically a dark feeling. Insert includes lyrics texts and drawnings.
Many thanks and greetings to Vitor "Kontra" from Portugal for helping me with this rare shit.
more infos about Deformed:
1. Ritual
2. Crypt
3. From the grave


Sabotage said...

I'm not sure really, but i dont think so.

E.C. said...

This band is great! Thanks for this! I have the CRESS discography album "Propaganda And Lies" on my blog, if interested. Go here:

7inchcrust said...

thanks f.mercenary! nice blog, keep trying dude!

Anonymous said...

Could you please repost this Deformed – Sacrifice 7” (Boston Tea Party)?


would call them goth punk not crust there before crust. crust didn't realy get going till hellbastard ripper crust demo to me there the first crust band people say amebix and antisect started it but they were just punk bands that inspired crust band like hellbastard doom axegrinder and so many more.