Brain Death-Personal affair 7"

This is an old classic from another respective member of Japanese scene of '80's:Brain Death Personal affair is the one and only Brain Death release i have seen around, it was released by Selfish Records in 1987 and delivers eight tracks of thrash hardcore. Music wise the band is close to S.O.B. and Systematic Death with crunchy and thrashing guitar riffs, clear bass and lightspeed drums . The female shouting vocals of Sachi are excellent,they fit in the storm of music and deliver a hint of Japanese version of Detestation. There are some nice breaks and the production is dissent
There is a bootleg version of Personal Affair on Low Brow Plate Records,

01:Funny dancing
02:Get back
04:Convert city
06:Queer in the head
07:Personal affair


Slobodan Burgher said...

hey, cheers for the totalitar link. Good rip too! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey,awesome EP!One of my favorite japanese bands.I really want to find this 7" :) P.S There is no official reissue,just boot on Low brow...nice little blog ;)

7inchcrust said...

thanks for the info, i ve seen on Attackzine a review about a reissue in 2003 on Low Brow Plate but no any thing if its official or boot. thanks :)