System Shit-Hell-o 7"

Oooook now! Lets go to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and meet some dudes carring a long time story : System Shit was formed as a no political correct and joke noise-core band back in 1988. And by saying no political correct i mean something like the Sore Throat "we do't care" attitude: Political anti-racist, anti-homophobic stance and thats clear if you listen to their early days stuff, They sound like a drunk Sore Throat version. (check the Noise-core demo from 1988)
Anyway, the band evolved thru the years to what is today: A fast hardcore/crust band. System Shit have recorded 12 demos and released 3 7"s: "Hell-o", a split with Bloody Phoenix and "Kill that fucker"(actually this was a late-80's demo recording that was released as 7" much latter), they have also a split 12" with Human Error from Hungary and a split cd with A.S.B.(Another Shitty Band). A 7" split with Clusterfux out soon in a couple of weeks
Hell-o begins with a phone call song (a kind of conversation between a "normal guy" and a crazed grinder), the rest stuff is crust edged hardcore with fast rhythms,catchy riffs,shouting vocals, descent production and there is an old school feeling in the atmosphere, Good stuff.. But when you try to play the other side, things are different: Screaming and distorted vocals take over and give a different feeling, for a moment i thought it was another band, great idea to make each side different! The whole stuff was recorded on a 4-trax but the sound production is good, ah i almost forgot it: They cover Rock you like a hurricane in a crazy cider version!! Released in 2002 on Undisslessed / Skud Records, many thanx to Drock Liverotchee for his help on details and infos about the band,
1. Hell-o
2. Scumlord
3. Loss of words
4. Words no action
5. Fuck the clique
6. Bugged
7. Sceneocide
8. Cider frenzy


Buck said...

The 4Shared link comes back with this. "The file is suspected of illegal or copyrighted content. Please contact link publisher or use our search engine to find a file or folder."

You might want to check out Turboupload, I've never had any problem with the files.


7inchcrust said...

Thanx Buck,, i guess it was because some forbitten key-word was scanned by the server, its ok now

LikexWeeds said...

System shit are classic.

Unknown said...

We just recorded new stuff recently,But were looking for someone to put it out for us some d.i.y. label we be broke

The Radiator Family said...

i wish that demo worked from 88

7inchcrust said...

your wish came true:demo link was already fixed but i forgot to edit the 7" post: now its ok, check the link again :)