Hello Crusties!!!

Hello everybody!
This is a blog about crust and hardcore 7"s from all over the world
A few words about the music we are going to post here:
Capitalism i s a bunch of shit:Greed, exploitation, hunger for more profit,social injustice under democratic clothing, apathy,compromise,alienation and mental slavery, brutal response from authorities to those who refuse to obey
Capitalism buys everything,even music:Gigantic multinational corporations sell everything to brainwashed audience,from total commercial to "radical" products with expire date. But always there are those who resist and stay away from the feast of greed, this is the music you will find here: Uncompromising tunes from people stay of the mega labels and rise a word against the neoliberal plague and its followers, music that can't change the world but can make you start thinking and acting for a better world
Here will be posted mostly crust 7"s but there will be exceptions(hardcore, powerviolence, political grindcore 7"s etc) but the tunes will always be brutal and aggressive, we ll try to post out of print records or records hard to get, if you are in a band or run a label and don't want your record here, just make a comment and we will remove it.


Slobodan Burgher said...

Great name - great idea - great taste. Now lets grind down the damn bastards! Argh Argh!

Anonymous said...

YeaaaH!!! Music I can relate to!!! Great start on this blog!

7inchcrust said...

thanx, please post and add infos on records or mistakes i ve made,

Anonymous said...

Yeah it's a great idea and so need the contributions overseas!
well no need all commercial working or recordings, only needs us music and us crust attitude!
cheers and destroy!

Anonymous said...

You're a sweatheart :). NOW LET'S GRIND THOSE FUCKERS DOWN!!!

P.S.: It's not 7" but rather a 12", but you could do Boltthrower's 'Spearhead' - when i heard it back in '92, i literally shat my pants!

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah, awesome blog, wish you all the best and good luck! Cheers!!!

haragSICK said...

perfect blog, correct stuffs!

Anonymous said...

music can't change the world but can make you thing and start acting to make a better world

Isn't it meant to be THINK mate?

7inchcrust said...

thanks :)

Will Butler said...

Feel free to add the Rhino Charge 7" and Magrudergrind/Godstomper split 7" if you'd like to, full MP3s at: http://tolivealie.com/media.html

Also would be more than stoked if you added To Live A Lie under labels. Rad! Sweet blog.

7inchcrust said...

Hi Will. To Live A Lie is on the label list now.
and thanks for the 7"s :)