From Ashes Rise-Life and Death 7''

One of the milestone bands and creators of dark and gloomy Portland crust:From Ashes Rise formed in Nashville in mid-90's including in their ranks members who were former/current and future active in great acts such as Deathreat, Remains of the Day, Hellshock, Tragedy, Coldbringer and many others (a family tree of all these Portland based legends would help a lot..). They moved to Portland and in 1998 they released 'Fragments of a Fallen Sky' ep. One year later 'Life and death' ep saw the light of day. It was a piece of dark crust following the tradition His Hero is Gone had already started a few years ago: It contained a raw version of their known material in seven tracks of high intense crust riffs, desperate vocals screaming for a social and inner downfall.
The next years FAR put more melody in their gloomy crust blending the influences from Swedish and Japanese scene and created the legend we all know: Nowadays they are history but their legacy live on:In 2000 they released Concrete and Steel on Feral Ward/G.A.S.R., 'Silence' was released in 2001 by Feral/Ward/G.A.S.R too and in 2003 a split w the Swedish Victims was released by Havoc Records. Signing on Jade Tree was a bad luck i guess since Nightmares was their swan song in 2004 (it was re-released by havoc a few years later). In 2001 a discography cd was released by Great American Steak Religion Rec.s including 'Life and Death', 'Silence' and 'Concrete and Steel', there is also another discography lp released in 2002 by Skuld containing the same tracks minus the 'Silence' lp.


Charles-Alain Roy said...

Good records but awesome blog. Keep the good work!


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Thanx for the comment! daily updating its a matter of time so i 'll keep trying in this way, posting new stuff,
and Salete is nice blog. sad to not understand french... :(

Charles-Alain Roy said...

Thanks,i have the first from ashes rise 7"Fragments of a Fallen Sky. If you dont have it and you want it, i can send you the mp3.Bye.

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