Doom-Police Bastard 7"

An all time classic, the legendary band from UK released this jewel in 1988:Distorted dis-core, gruff vocals, political lyrics, i have nothing more to say about so i only post here some infos about the re-issues:
original pressing:
Discarded Records(UK):975 black vinyl+25 blue-green
2nd Pressing:
Profane Existence :992 black vinyl+8 beer-colored vinyl
3rd Pressing:
Discarded Records:25 black vinyl+975 green-blue vinyl
4th Pressing:
Profane Existence:992 black vinyl+8 piss-colored vinyl
5th Pressing:Profane Existence:2 black vinyl+948 splatter-cop pics
6th Pressing:
Profane Existence:6th:??? black vinyl,eeeh dont know.. :(
The 2nd Discarded pressing of 1000 copies had alternate sleeve:Due to the controversial nature of the original photocopied 'Policeman' sleeve and the difficulty in getting it printed it was decided to have the second press printed without the Policeman's image.
more infos: (fan site)

01. Relief Part II
02. Police Bastard
03. Diseased.
04. Circles
05. A means to an end


Anonymous said...

great to see this new blog, the 7inch is the perfect format for this type of music: a short sharp assault on the senses; in bang bang bang and out. good luck for the future and i hope you will post some nasum, exit13, or older than dirt for our listening pleasure.

Slobodan Burgher said...

this is perfect music!

Jeff Coons said...

Thank you! I have been looking forever for this too.

Anonymous said...

Great fuckin post, dude, DooM kicks ass!!! D-beat, attitude, politized lyrics, that's why they're the best!
In addition, congrats for the great blog I really liked this place! Keep going with the great job!

Cheers from Brazil!

Unknown said...

this is not the police bastard 7 inch....

love johnny doom

7inchcrust said...

this is not.. what?
the truth it that it sounded preety lame because of the low btr so i reuploaded in better bitrate.
anyway, thanks

Unknown said...

this is the right version now!

the one you posted before was a mix of tracks from 'fuck peaceville' with tom on vocals and some live stuff (weird)

this is the original police bastard recording, which we did when we recorded the bury the debt album



7inchcrust said...

Thanks John, i will notice that in the next post so the people who have dowloaded to re-download the right version.