Assuck-Blindspot 7"

Here we go with another grindcore expression of brutality thru the melodies that come from the fingers and lungs of these St Petersbug grind freaks: This is Assuck's European tour 's limited edition ep, released back in 1992 by Sound Pollution. The old school grinding serenades are delivered in seven tracks and 5:30" running time of noise. Only two tracks are over a minute long. This is long out of print and hard to get, these tracks were included in the cd version of "Anticapital & Blindspot" CD (released by Sound Pollution). Blindspot was produced and engineered by Scot Burns at infamous Morrisound Recording in Florida, lyrics and photos included in an insert, Chris Barnes (Cannibal Corpse "fame")offers his sick growls in Infanticide (backin' vocals)
Assuck video (about 10 minutes long)
and dont forget Necro salvation 7" from 1989
1. Blood And Cloth
2. Automate
3. Within Without
4. Blindspot
5. By Design
6. Spine
7. Infanticide


Slobodan Burgher said...

Yeeesss, I think I still have this, think I got this sent to me in relation to a zine I was doing back then. I never really liked any of the other releases; this was it for me but it is a fucken great one at that! cheers -

dXb said...