Sore Throat-Death to Capitalist Hardcore (repost)

This is repost of Sore Throat's 7 inch, there were some mistakes in the old post(some tracks were in wrong order,some missing),so here it is again, thanks to Ratoseco from the amazing Carry on Screaming blog, who mentioned it.
Released on Acid Rain Records,1987, 1000 copies were pressed, bootleged several times
infos @
01. Intro (Rapist Die)
02. War System
03. D.T.C.H.C.
04. Sacrilege (To The Scene)
05. Vac Head
06. Pesticide Death
07. Process Of Elimination
08. Trenchfoot
09. S.S.A. Pt. II
10. Satan's Radish
11. Fungacidal Tendencies
12. R.O.T.
13. Only the Dead
14. Bomb The Whitehouse
15. Enviromental Suicide
16. Broken Brains & D.Y.W.R. (2 tracks here)
17. Devoid Of Compassion
18. Go Home
19. Attack Of The English Gumby Punks
20. D.F.W.H.
21. Wehr-crap
22. Intestinal Skipping Rope
23. Bloody Hardcore
24. Virus
25. Dissapearing Mark
26. No Room To Talk
27. Wictim Of A Stage Dive
28. I.C.I. Fuck Off And Die
29. Thrash Against Fascism
30. Backflip Splat
31. Yo Barman
32. Social Genocide
33. D.R.I. E.M.I.
34. Born Again Christian
35. Utterly Tuneless
36. M.F.N. (Money For Nobheads)
37. Lynch The Cops
38. Scream Bloody Trout
39. Life
40. Join The army
41. The Ballad Of Billy Milano


Anonymous said...

I've seen that you are looking for Genocide SS/ Vivisection split 7". I have it on blue vinyl and I'm not going to give it away, but if you want I can tape it to you as well as send you cover pics etc...
Just let me know your mail!

Unknown said...

thanks for this, it's nice to have a copy of it again... and I have to say, I'm impressed that someone actually took the time to index the individual tracks :)

Slobodan Burgher said...

Yes all of the above, plus I still think the impaled guy looks soooo 80-s!

Hey, any of you people interested in helping out with my new fanzine archive project? Leave a comment over at my blog.

7inchcrust said...

Hi Perro, the mail is 7inchcrust (at) gmail dot com
if you could rip it and upload it somewhere this would be great.
Hey Slobo, is Hammy the inpaled guy? hahhaah,

and something serious:right now while i m typing this text, some gigasize links seem to be dead, i hope this is some gigasize bullshit and things will be ok.

7inchcrust said...

the gigasize bullshit seems to be serious bullshit, all uploads of the last month disappeared,so i reupload them and fixed the dead links, please report if you find any link still dead,
bad day..bad luck..

Anonymous said...

Yeah! that's it!
I am pretty happy with it is easy, no limits. try it.

7inchcrust said...

Hi Ratoseco, thanks again.
yes i know mediafire, i have to start using it...:/)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if it's Rich "Militia" Walker himself reporting the links. The guy is a complete anti-dl'ing dickhead. He now plays in a shitty Candlemass ripoff band called Solstice, and considers himself the king of "trOO" metal.

7inchcrust said...

i don't know what kind of person Rich is, Sore Throat links never had a problem but if ever grindcore band members start reporting for 20 years old records, then the punk/crust/hc world is not just dead but a rotting and stinking corpse, a caricature of punk....

Alex Neil said...

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