Abestos-War Crisis 7"

Asbestos were a crust band from Japan, they formed in 1987 and recorded a demo tape that was followed by War Crisis 7" and The Final Solution lp.
War Crisis was released in 1000 copies by Chaotic Office and Burst Records in 1988. It delivers five tracks of hardcore with a metallic hints in guitar riffs, mid paced and faster tempos and clear bass. (There is
one instrumental track that works as an intro).The rough vocals that are typical in most of Japanese bands are here, lyrically they cover topics about war atrocities, innocent victims of war etc, an insert includes the lyrical content. The band "used pictures of the Nanking Massacre and shots from the famous war photographer Don Mc Cullin for their lyric sheet. Seems the pictures for the front and back cover of this ep relate to the atrocities comited by the Japanese army in Manchuria during the thirthies" These tracks were included in the To The Memory of the Victims of War 2xCD Discography. After a long break Asbestos came back in action and in in 1996 they released "Agonized cry" lp/cd(thanks to Burning Japan forum for the link). In 2002 they released a new 7" in Hibachi Records that was followed by a split 7" with the Japanese black metallers Sabat (2005, Metal Crusade Productions)
Some writing and artwork pics are blatantly stolen from the amazing Brave New World, Roilo Golez, the guy who runs it does great work with his own rips and scans and has posted some interesting records.

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Anonymous said...

one of thee best! you really had to see this band live to really appreciate them. their records sound a little thin like comes' "no side" album. both bands records were decent but nothing amazing. too see both those bands live would tear off your fucking face and cause your brain to explose from the inside out.