Assuck-Necro salvation 7"

ok,this is the first grindcore 7" posted here: Assuck was formed in St. Petersburg, FL USA in 1989, This is their first 7" released on Rigid Records delivering 11 tracks for total playing time 6 minutes of brutal grindcore with fast drumming,growling vocals and political lyrics. Second press on No System Records (cover above, click on the small pics bellow for the first pressing covers). The first pressing came out in 10" edition with foldout sleeve and light green vinyl, the second pressing had different cover artwork, "Fish factory" wasn't listed on the sleeve but it was on the record, this track caused a big argument because of the lyrical content, see some notes about it written by Felix Havoc making clear that Assuck were not sexists, here. Did i say this was recorded at Morrisound Studios? There’s also a bootleg version of Necro Salvation floating around, that came out in 1997
and some infos about Assuck:
01. Born Backwards
02. Maimed for Life
03. Truth?
04. Fish factory
05. Necrosalvation
06. Asthma
07. Analmistress
08. False dedication
09. Infanticide
10. Dawn of the Necrofile
11.Civilization comes/civilization goes

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