Holocrust-Arrogant State 7" (1995, unreleased)

Here we are again and this time with a strange post, its an unreleased record from a band that deserves some attention, five songs that were supposed to come out as vinyl but never did. Holocrust were a short lived five piece crust band, formed by three Warcollapse members during the years of band hiatus in mid '90's. The band is a short of mystery since there is no trace of them on the web and even in Swedish punk/hc/crust sites. The only information  i dug come from Foris Hellstorm and Martin WJ  who was singer for some time around 1996-97 (thanx to both of you!) and from an interview with Jalle (Warcollapse vox) back 1995 in Sniffa Lim zine in an ancient geocities site, the interview was after the recording/before the release date of Divine Intoxication and was posted on the zine in 1997. Apparently, Holocrust had some activity after the '95 recording, there were even plans for a European tour than never happened, so the band faded in late '90's because of lack of time since members were currently in many other projects and despite the announcement in the interview of new recording for an lp, so their only mark on official release is their appearance in Chaos Of Destruction 2  comp (2000, Dan Doh Records) with two songs taken from this ep, along with Framtid, Disclose, Agathocles and others. And i have to say here, there is not any connection with the black metal project with the same name from Switzerland or the raw D-beat band (from Indochina,can't remember the country) that used to have a myspace page some years ago. The songs were recorded at Studio Urshult in 1995, recorded and mixed by Jocke & Jalle, music wise this is close to Warcollapse stuff, there is the usual rough crusty sound, as expected (what else?) D-beat drumming (by Jalle) and rough dual vocals. According to the '95 interview the record was supposed to be released by a label named DIY Records: This is the label of Battle of Disarm, the guy from BoD got the mastertape of recording but Holocrust havn't heard from him since then so no ep was released. The band faded in late '9o's and most of band members continued with Warcollapse, Nicke who's mentioned in the interview as one of vocalists, died some time ago while a band named after the title of ep, Arrogant State includes Martin who was vocalist in 96-97 or so. I discovered the "record" in mp3 format forgotten in a dusty corner in a external hard disc that i haven't used for many years while i was ransacking and trying to clean the mess of files and i can't remember where i got it from, (too many years passed since i put it there..) and even worse there is no cover artwork, the "artwork" used here is from a youtube vid. Anyway, too much useless rant, get this forgotten gem and enjoy it, the file includes the five tracks plus one alternative version of one song and a .txt file with the Sniffa Lim interview.


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Unknown said...

Just to straighten a few things out here. Holocrust was a crustband back in the 90s and the core lineup was:
Vox-Nicke & Granlie
The only member that was involved with Warcollapse was Jalle. We were going to release Arrogant state 7" and the material and everything was complete, but during a drunken party the cover ended up floating around in booze and was ruined. Thats why this 7" was never released...