Go Filth Go-5 Tracks Noise 7" (2012, Rawmantic Disasters,Truemmer Pogo, Crucificados Pelo Sistema)

Hands down, this is the best raw D-beat recording made by greek band, ever! Go Filth Go come from the shithole of Europe and this is their latest release, a five track sonic hell released in 2012. GFG formed in 2010 by former/current members of DyspneaBlack TrinityMelanocetus Murrayi and Terrorismo Musical, in 2010 they self-released No Escape from Noise Dis-truction tape which was followed by the split w Besthoven and split w Electric Funeral and the Make Noise Not Music split tape with Chernobyl Attack. 5 Tracks Noise was released in 2012 by Rawmantic DisastersTruemmer Pogo and Crucificados Pelo Sistema and the artwork is simillar to the work of Warvictims/Dropend split lp (Rawmantic Disasters/D-Takt & Råpunk) . Sound wise there is top work here, GFG created a personal sound in their previous ep's which is solid, harse, raw and distorted and also unique but thigs are different here: Mixing and mastering was done by Jocke from D-takt & Råpunk  and sound took off to higher levels of quality: 5 Tracks Noise sounds great and stands equal to great bands of subgenre such as Disclose, D-Clone, Giftgassattack, Disable, Aspects of War, Eletric Funeral and others. Ultra distorted guitar and bass, fast D-beat bashing drums and angry cacophonous shouted vocals. This is brutal and distorted, raw and chaotic, earbleeding and destructive. And if this description sounds generic then waste a few minutes and listen the tracks: Jocke' mastering  transformed GFG sound into a sonic monster. And check this vid too. Lyrics deal with the familiar for the genre topics such as the horror of war, social disgust and derpair and you can find them printed on cover. This was the latest GFG release along with the contribution of one unreleased song (State Abuse) in the War For Freedom 12"comp, (a DIY benefit compilation for political prisoners - a collective effort of squater punks of northern Greece, distributed by autonomous libertarian collectivities and political squats) and as i ve been told by D (guit) many moons ago, their next planned release will be a 12" LP but there are not any news about it. 5 Tracks Noise is available for streaming/downloading in GFG bandcamp as well as their entire discography. Hope to hear news about their next release very soon.


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