Patareni/Extreme Noise Terror-The split noiz live 7"

This is the Live Noize split 7" with Extreme Noise Terror and Croatian legends Patareni in a live bootleg that E.N.T. never accepted it as official release,thas how the story goes:
Hadzo, Patareni's old guitarist came to a E.N.T show in Zagreb, recorded it with a walkman, did the vinyl pressing, cover artwork etc and released the bootleg without asking E.N.T.'s authorization but sending them loads of copies for free. Hazdo claims this was an effort to fund hospital fees for a friend who had an accident and assumes this is not a bootleg because of sending tons of copies to E.N.T, on the other hand, E.N.T. never accepted Live Noize as official release because Hazdo never asked permission.
Anyway, bootleg or not this shit includes six Patareni tracks recorded at Ecstacy, (West) Berlin,21.4.1990 and three E.N.T. tracks from a show at Skuc.Zagreb,27.10.1988, the label that released it was Falsanja Kol'Ko's Records in 1990. Six Patareni and three E.N.T tracks is a matter of speaking since the sound quality is not the best in the bootleg world, the kind of noise that Beethoven would thank god for being deaf but a kind of noise that a crustie would prefer to burn some brain cells in eleven minutes of sonic disaster. Enjoy it
Patareni noise:
01:Fuck you at all
03:Smradovi u prolazu
04:O.T.P. (Omladi Treba Pomoci)
05:Obrij me majko motornom pilom
Extreme Noise Terror noise:
02:Rapping the earth
03:Show us you care

Detestation/Abuso Sonoro-split 7"

This split delivers Portland crust vs Brazilian hardcore: Detestation need no introduction, their legacy is a bunch of ep's, one lp and members in many great bands (Hellshock,Atrocious Madness, Severed Head of State etc). here they offer two tracks of their fast thrashing crust including a cover Brazilians Republika. The production is raw, Saira's voice is great once again and her screams bring political messages, check the lyrics here, both tracks included in the cd version of Detestation's full lengh
Abuso Sonoro are some hardcore vets from SaoPaolo, Brazil, they formed in early '90's and they have released several ep's and two lp's, they contribute two tracks of rough and fast Brazilian hardcore with gruff vocals, lyrics in Portugese, hight drum beat and raw guitar sound
This was released on Six Weeks in 1997, 2000 copies were made. search the blog for more Detestation and Abuso Sonoro's split w Autaritar

Homomilitia/Forca Macabra-split 7"

Homomilitia were a political hardcore/crust band with dual male female vocals from Poland. The band was formed in early 90's and released a couple of lp's and this split ep with Forca Macabra. The lady who sings here latter joined the ranks of doomy metallic crusties Lost.
Forca Macabra come from Brazil.. guh.. guh.. i mean they come from Finland. Formed in 1991, they have lyrics in Portuguese, their music is dedicated to the brazilian hardcore scene and they are still active and keep thrashing....
Homomilitia offer here two tracks of crusty hardcore with dual male vocals in "Ziema" and male/female in "Multinationals". Fast hardcore crust, aggressive vocals, politicals lyrics in polish and good sound production. Forca Macabra offer four tracks and i think this stuff comes from a demo recording. Gruff vocals,
fast rhythms, noisy guitars, raw production and the familiar Brazilian touch of their hardcore. An insert is included with lyrics of both bands and translation in english for Homomilitia's texts . Released by Malarie Records, 1994
Homomilitia side:
1. Ziema
2. Multinationals

Forca Macabra side:
Eu nao preciso do sistema
4. Alma sofredora
5. Sofrer demais
6. Chorando a guerra

Teen Cthulhu/Wormwood-split pic disc

Time for some dark blending of crust and doomy sludge : This is a split picture disc released by Accident Pron Records in 2003. Teen Cthulhu was formed in 1998 in Seattle WA, USA and disbanded around 2003. Here they Blend metal and hardcore and offer two tracks full of heavy,dark tormenting guitar riffs,changing rhythms, haunting keyboards and screaming vocals from hell. Really dark doom/crust/depressive metal stuff.
Wormwood are the sludge/doom legends from Lawrence, Kansas, they started in 1997 including Pete Jay of Assuck "fame". They have released several 7"s and lp's, they recently called it quits, Here they deliver a one track nightmare in six minutes of heavy and depressive sludge with screaming vocals and haunting atmopshere.
Not the kind of music for fun, not the soundtrack of happiness but dark haunting and depressive musc carpet for gloom and dark moments. Released on Accident Pron,2003, only 500 copies were pressed. A big thanx to azcrustie for sending me this.
Teen Cthulhu side:
1. Oceans within oceans
2. Nightmares of the empyrean
Wormwood side:
1. Release from expectation

System Shit-Hell-o 7"

Oooook now! Lets go to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and meet some dudes carring a long time story : System Shit was formed as a no political correct and joke noise-core band back in 1988. And by saying no political correct i mean something like the Sore Throat "we do't care" attitude: Political anti-racist, anti-homophobic stance and thats clear if you listen to their early days stuff, They sound like a drunk Sore Throat version. (check the Noise-core demo from 1988)
Anyway, the band evolved thru the years to what is today: A fast hardcore/crust band. System Shit have recorded 12 demos and released 3 7"s: "Hell-o", a split with Bloody Phoenix and "Kill that fucker"(actually this was a late-80's demo recording that was released as 7" much latter), they have also a split 12" with Human Error from Hungary and a split cd with A.S.B.(Another Shitty Band). A 7" split with Clusterfux out soon in a couple of weeks
Hell-o begins with a phone call song (a kind of conversation between a "normal guy" and a crazed grinder), the rest stuff is crust edged hardcore with fast rhythms,catchy riffs,shouting vocals, descent production and there is an old school feeling in the atmosphere, Good stuff.. But when you try to play the other side, things are different: Screaming and distorted vocals take over and give a different feeling, for a moment i thought it was another band, great idea to make each side different! The whole stuff was recorded on a 4-trax but the sound production is good, ah i almost forgot it: They cover Rock you like a hurricane in a crazy cider version!! Released in 2002 on Undisslessed / Skud Records, many thanx to Drock Liverotchee for his help on details and infos about the band,
1. Hell-o
2. Scumlord
3. Loss of words
4. Words no action
5. Fuck the clique
6. Bugged
7. Sceneocide
8. Cider frenzy

Man is the Bastard/Crossed Out-split 7"

Man is the Bastard was formed in 1991 in Claremont, California, USA and broke up in 1997, they released several records on obscure labels blending in their powerviolence guitar riffs some progressive bass chords and industrial noises offering a stuff different from the usual guitar-based powerviolence stuff. Lyrically they covered issues such as government corruption, corporate greed, animal rights, American foreign policy and awaking of consciousness but they had a an almost anthropological approach. M.I.T.B. was the core of many bands such as Neanderthal,Pissed Happy Children, Cyclops, Born Against, and many many others.
Crossed Out come from Encinitas, California, USA. The band was formed in 1990 and released several 7"s and a cd discography of first wave powerviolence and broke up in late-1993
Here we got 12 tracks for approximately 10:30" total lenght. Man is the Bastard throw some industrial noises in their midpaced speed tracks and offer some good work on drums and bass lines leading to an industrial-ish feeling. Crossed Out are more straight powerviolence with shouting vocals, heavy guitars and fast and midpaced tempos in short-lenght tracks too. I can feel some grindcore traces here and there and that fits goods to the whole stuff and the sound production is good. The record was released on Slap A Ham Records in 1992, first press came in
black vinyl and gatefold cover in a variety of colors (blue, red, yellow, etc), second press came with alternative black/white cover and a variety of colored vinyl, it was bootlegged on 7", 10" several times.
Man Is The Bastard side:
01. S.O.I.G.
02. Work to death
03. Instantly bent
04. Screwdriver in the urethra of Thomas Lens
05. Snake apartment
06. Walkers of the street
Crossed Out side:
07. Practiced hatred
08. Pure delusion
09. Society
10. Lowlife
11. Scapegoat
12. Vacuum


Black Kronstadt-A world to win 7"

Black Kronstadt were from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, formed in 1992 and broke up in 1997. They released two ep's ("Crimes of capital,crimes of the state" and "A world to win") and a full length ("Free spirit"). They started as a raw Anarcho-hardcore band in the vein of Discharge, Chaos UK and the likes with strong political stance and lyrics but in this 7" their sound is crunchy, heavier and more in the crust fields, when BK called a day members formed Iskra and developed what started in this record by adding more black metal elements and became known as Blackened Crust: A powerful blending of anarchist lyrics with black metal direction in music with noodley guitars and hoarse screamed shouting. In A World to Win Black Kronstadt made the step into crust/black metal fields and left behind the anarchopunk direction of Crimes of Capital, some hints of the past appear (Antifa) and sometimes they are more crustie. There are three tracks of under-produced noisy and sometimes chaotic crust with political lyrics and screamed shouting vocals: Last supper delivers heavy midpaced crust, All cyst΄ms down has some catchy moments while Antifa is more punky and reminds their previous ep. As conclusion the record stands between Crimes of Capital and Crust genre, the cover folds out into three parts with lyrics and texts about Mumia Abu-Jamal, NAFTA,GATT and the global capitalistic greed. A small sized eight page booklet with poetry was included. Released on Consensus Reality, 1995


1. Last supper

2. All cyst΄ms down

3. Antifa

Atavistic-Life during wartime 7"

Atavistic formed in Whitstable, Kent, England in mid 80's and their first recorded material was From the Within demo tape. They released two ep's,"Equibrium" (Looney Tunes Records), "Life During Wartime", both in 1987 and "Vanishing Point" lp (in 1990 on Profane Existence, there is an alternative version on Deaf Records), they also appeared in Peaceville's "A Vile Peace" compl. lp.(1987), in "Twenty Years On- The Summer Of Love?" (1987,Pampers Für Alle! Productions) and "Hiatus" lp (1988, Peaceville)
Life During Wartime was released by Peaceville and delivers four tracks that balance between hardcore and crust. Vocals are rough and angry, guitars are thick and heavy while drums have some outbreaks that built a wall of noise and combined with the raw vox and guitar sound lead the band near to grind fields
This is pretty rare, no more than 1000 copies must have been made,(the exact number must be somewhere between 500-1000) and it came in fold out cover including lyrics and texts.Three years later Atavistic released "Vanishing point" but compared to their ep's it was a bit let down and bored stuff.

Neurosis-Aberration 7"

There is no need for any introduction about Neurosis from Bay Area. The band was formed in mid-80's and have released about 12 lp's all these years and they are synonimous with the dark sludgy stuff. Aberration was released in 1989 after the Pain of mind: Heavy bassdriven crust with excellent bass lines, heavy guitar riffs, raw production, screaming vocals , great song structure and the legend is about to begin. Released on Lookout Records, in 1989.
Infos and details:
1. Self-doubt
2. Nonsense
3. Pollution

AGE-Blowing wind 7"

Metallic crust from Japan with metallic heavy riffs, fast rhythms and influences from the UK crust lords of 80's (Amebix,Axegrinder,Antisect). AGE (Armed Government’s Error) was born from the ashes of Hakuchi, they have have released 2 cd's and several ep's ( "Inside darkness" ep, "Four wings" ep"The spider rules your emotions" ep and a split w Deride), they have also covered I.C.B.M and Fallen from Grace for the first Japanese tribute to Amebix. (edit May '11), in 2007 they released The Scar of Lead on Black Water Records, in 2008 the Born Out of Darkness split ep w Hellshock, in 2009 the split w Giuda from Italy (Agipunk) and recently the Survive 7" (Black Water Records)
Not much to say about the record: In "Blowing wind" AGE sound raw, thrashy,
solid and heavy and dark bringing Amebix and Antisect hints in their metallic riffs similar to Effigy or Zoe, There is one track on each side named Blowing Wind pt I and II just like Antisect's Out from the void pt I & II and lyrics are printed on back cover. Nice piece of shit, it was released on Underground Walker Productions in 2001, check it on trade lists around the web.
1. Blowing wind pt I

2. Blowing wind pt II

Lost-Thoughtless/bez zastanowicnia 7"

Lost come from Poland delivering heavy crust with metal influences. Fast to midpaced and sometimes slow rhythms, heavy and powerful guitar riffs with a darkfeeling, metal influences are here and there, nice work on drums with rhythm changes and screaming female vocals in polish and english. The sound production is good, the vocals handling is perfect, the cover artwork reflects the darkness of music. This was released by Malarie Records, Lost have also released the Fear Strach lp (see a detailed review here) witch is piece of apocalyptic crust even better that the ep. The lady who sings used to be in Homomilitia. I dont know if they are still active, its been a long time since they released the ep (1999 or 2000) and the full lenght (2001) and i haven't heard anything new of them
So, that was the rant, no more words, let the music do the talking.(Many thanx to azcrustie, dude, you re sweety!!!)
1. Civilization
2. Lost
3. Thoughtless
4. Faith
5. Different we

Negative Stance-Spectators of decadence 7"

Negative Stance (Arnitiki Stasi/ Αρνητικη Σταση) was the first Greek band ever on Profane Existence, they formed in Athens in early '90's including in ther ranks the drummer of Industrial Suicide,they released the Love Is Our Strongest Weapon split lp with Kismet HC from UK in 1990 and Angels of Deceit lp in 1993 (on Genet Records from Hellgium, reissued by the greek label Wipe Out), they also appeared in several compilations including Profane Existence's Think Globaly,Act Locally ep, Οδόφραγμα Θορύβου (Noise barricade) on Boredom Tapes (1990), Fragmenta IV lp released by the greek fanzine Στις Σκιές Του Β-23 (in the Shades of B-23) in 1992, in So Alone tape comp. of legendary Radio Utopia (1992) and others. Spectators of Decadence delivers two tracks of hardcore with acoustic intros, catchy riffs with a old school feeling, both tracks appear in Angels of Deceit in alternative versions.Lyrics are in greek language, a nice booklet is included with many texts about political prisoners and the cruel side of Greece prison system behind the stereotypes of souvlaki, ouzo and mousakas. Artwork was made by Maria Electra(R.I.P.). Cerci's Servants is a song based on Homer's Odyssey, Cerci was a witch queen with the power of tranforming people into pigs. Angels of Deceit was their swan song, after the release of the record they called it a day and members continued in many bands such as Ashen Breath, Rising Terror, I Want the Moon, Sadistic Noise, Black Static and others
01:The Fall
02:Cerci's servants

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